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About us?


The CGQ, associated with the Cégep de Chicoutimi, is a para-public non-profit agency with the status of a college center for technology transfer (CCTT) granted by the Ministère de l’Éducation et de l’Enseignement supérieur (MEES) and the Ministère de l’Économie, des Sciences et de l’Innovation (MESI).

The CGQ has a multidisciplinary team whose mission is to help public and private organizations and companies in the process of geomatizing their activities. The mission of the CGQ is to act as a lever for innovation and performance for its clients by using and developing geomatics.

Our team

Dominic Tremblay
Director General
418-698-5995 Poste : 1622

Dominic has been acting director general of the CGQ since February 2021. Previously, he was the project and administration coordinator for the Center. After studying management at HEC Montreal, he worked for various private and public organizations. His primary motivation, with our team of experts, is to increase the potential of organizations by developing ever more innovative processes in geomatics.

Philippe Bouchard
Administration Coordinator
418-698-5995 Poste : 1610

Philippe is the projects and administration coordinator. A graduate in professional and organizational ethics, he manages the team and implements policies to promote a pleasant and efficient work environment. With his unifying spirit, he wishes to provide an environment where people have the chance to flourish and be part of innovative projects.

Levin Castillo-Guimond
Geomatics Researcher
418-698-5995 Poste : 1632

Levin is a geomatics researcher. With a bachelor's degree in geology and two master's degrees in earth sciences and geographic sciences, he specializes in hyperspectral remote sensing applied to geology, forestry and the environment. He ensures, among other things, the management and execution of airborne data acquisition campaign projects as well as organizational geomatization mandates, mainly at the municipal level. For four years at CGQ, Levin has particularly enjoyed teamwork in a professional environment.

Farshad Hakimpour
Geomatics Researcher
418-698-5995 Poste : 1628

Farshad is a geomatics researcher. With a doctorate in integrated map and geo-information production, he designs databases, develops Web GIS and analyzes spatial data. He has worked for the University of Tehran in the School of Surveying and Geomatics Engineering and for the University of Georgia in the Large-Scale Distributed Information Systems Laboratory. Good collaboration within the team is essential for him in his work at CGQ.

Elsa Dumontet
Geomatics researcher
418-698-5995 Poste:

Elsa is a geomatics researcher. With a bachelor's degree in geomatics and geodesic engineering, her research project focused on the densification of photogrammetric point clouds acquired by drone. Previously, she worked as a survey technician on large construction sites such as the Gordie Howe International Bridge connecting Windsor and Detroit. A follower of activities that require surpassing oneself, she is motivated by the diversity of projects she finds at the CGQ.

Steven Duquette

Steven participates in the Mitacs program. With a bachelor's degree in computer science, he is currently working on an artificial intelligence-assisted computer vision project as a master's project.

Jean-Sébastien Bilodeau
Computer researcher
418-698-5995 Poste : 1624

Jean-Sébastien is a computer scientist and designs software for the real-time collection and processing of geographic data, acquired by a LIDAR sensor or specialized cameras. With a master's degree in computer science, creativity and innovation have been at the heart of his work for four years within our team. He has also been able to develop solid expertise in geomatics as well as in the design of on-board systems.

Yannick Duguay
Remote sensing analyst
418-698-5995 Poste : 1633

Yannick is a remote sensing researcher and analyst. With a bachelor's degree in geomatics applied to the environment and a doctorate in water sciences, he has developed his expertise in satellite remote sensing, hydrology and artificial intelligence for the classification of images and the modeling of phenomena geophysics. Team spirit and mutual aid are important values that he appreciates within the CGQ.

Nathalie Thériault
Data Acquisition Specialist
418-698-5995 Poste : 1613

Nathalie is a specialist in geospatial data acquisition and the processing of this data. It mainly works with images by airborne sensors as well as data by GNSS. With a bachelor's degree in geomatics applied to the environment and a research master's degree in geography and remote sensing, she is passionate about marine and coastal environments. She has participated in several scientific expeditions to remote regions, which has enabled her to develop a great capacity for adaptation.

James Duchesne
Data Acquisition Specialist
418-698-5995 Poste : 1628

James is a data acquisition specialist. Graduated from a bachelor's degree in geography and sustainable development with a certification in drone piloting, he plans and carries out aerial and terrain data surveys. It also monitors technology in order to stay abreast of new innovations. James particularly appreciates working with our various partners.

Yves Dufour
418-698-5995 Poste : 1623

Yves is an IT analyst and has been managing our IT equipment, developing applications and providing technical support to our customers for 11 years. He knows how to listen to their needs and respond to them effectively. With a bachelor's degree in computer engineering, he is also passionate about new technologies and model aircraft making.

Carlos A. Rocha S.
Integration technician
418-698-5995 Poste :

Carlos is an integration technician and participates in particular in the development of prototypes of on-board systems, sensors and communication between devices. With a bachelor's degree in electronic engineering, his rigor and discipline are major assets for our team, with whom he collaborates in the design and development of various projects related to electronic systems and their software.

Johanne Thibeault
Administrative assistant
418-698-5995 Poste : 1621

Johanne has been an administrative assistant at the CGQ for 12 years. With a degree in office automation and accounting, she provides support for the administration and accounting management of the Center. Caring and insightful, her contribution to our team is essential.

Rémy Rahem
Robotics engineer
Rémy Rahem

Remy is a robotics analyst. With a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering with specializations in robotics and artificial intelligence, he is pursuing a master's degree specializing in humanoid robotics and control. He also completed a research internship at the University of Tsukuba, Japan, during which he worked on new techniques for optimal control. His role within the CGQ is to assess the robotics, artificial intelligence and digital vision needs of the projects to which he is assigned, in addition to offering his support and expertise to his colleagues. His great dedication to his colleagues helps to strengthen the team spirit.

Board of directors

M. Daniel Morissette
President, Mapgears Inc
M. Christian Tremblay
Academic dean, Cégep de Chicoutimi
M. André Gobeil
General manager, Cégep de Chicoutimi
Mme Geneviève Grenier
General manager, La Géomathèque
M. Dany St-Pierre
Logistics manager, Ussi Logistique
M. Jean-René Hickey
Teacher, Cégep de l'Outaouais
Mme Nathalie Murray
President, Firme VisionÈre
M. Eric Gaudreault
Supervisor, Coopérative forestière Petit-Paris